Left Behind OR Step a Head


since i decide to have a kids, my career has been affected. right now, i’m rarely appointed to do important work at my office. my regular job’s was nothing substantial. in the begining it makes me crazy, when i used to be busy with a lot of work, and then now i’m just sitting in my corner and doing things that are not significant..

while a lot of my friend, already spread their wings highly. i’m always think i left behind them now..

suddenly i came with a choice, whether i would let myself lagging behind them OR i should take this time to make me one step a head above their achievement..

back again,my choice is needed..

i’m still young, i’m pretty fast learner, and hard worker too.. i’m sure i can make success this time, without sacrifice my family happiness,

maybe, i don’t need to care about else more than my achievement..

the question is turn to be “what should i do to success ?” rather than “why they can be successful?”

i’m sure i can


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