Software Documentation


In indonesia, a lot of IT developer does’nt provide full documentation of their software, they only prepared user guide as software documentation. In internation standard (IEEE), there are 7 documentation must be fulfil to complete the software documentation.

first question, why we need software documentation ?

  • To manage the increased complexity and changing nature of software development
  • For communication between designer, programmer, PM, customer, and end-users
  • For continous improvement in software development

the importance of software documentation is mainly intended to deal with the changes in software itself, as long as user request, changing enviroment or technology that are exist.

exactly, what should be documented in software ?

1. process documentation , — > Record the process of development and maintenance. Include Plans, schedules, process quality documents and organizational and project standards are process documentation.

2. Product Documentation, –>Describes the product that is being developed. System documentation describes the product from the point of view of the engineers developing and maintaining the system;

What is International Standar for Software Documentation ?

As i describe before, there are 7 standard for software documentation acording to IEEE , there are :

Part that i marked, is the most important document IMO. i will briefly describe later in next article, each of it.

Now, we understand why we need software documentation. Maybe is too early too notice that documentation is needed in every phase of software development, but after the software running , the developer start to confuse about  improvement in software without software documentation exist (that’s most in case).


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