Found Stuck


have you ever found stuck in your day life, stuck with all the problem your facing at. you also feel stuck, even there are a lot of idea around you.

no inspiration comes to be  true, all ideas seem’s fail. when you stuck, it’s feel like you can not stand up by your self. there is any motivation make you not give up at this time.

any way out ? or it’s already deadlock..

hope this is not deadlock, is just overdoses feeling of not being able to get what you want. those feelings won’t stop flying around your mind, when you not let it in to your heart.

rather than think about your stuck, you can switch by thinking about FOOD.. (it’s always work for me.. ) .if you moslem you can think about giving poor people happines with infaq  or you can also calm your mind and soul by reading the Holy QURAN.

hope this help to free you from that stuck.



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