Proposal Daisakusen


watching jdrama always give something insight me, wheather is just classical music like nodame dorama or just make me laugh..
right now, i have been watching jdrama again, proposal daisakusen. this dorama give morals to me

” that rather than thinking about changing the past better think about changing present.”

how great you are, you can’t even know what you facing tomorrow, that’s was in a real life.

but from that dorama i also get prove of god greatest.”Allah is always give us the best, even we don’t think that is the best for us”.. actually, this dorama was a runaway from my stress.. but after watching this, is kind like i’m relieved..

you must see it, but don’t regret or dissapointed, if you did’nt got the same result as i am..

happy watching ^-^..

ps : i’m watching it in youtube, using spain subtitle.. (of course with english subtitle beside the video.. hehe :D)


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