Recommended Place for SLR Camera Hunter in Surabaya


Since last year, my husband and i interest in DSLR Camera. After a long time consideration, this week we decide to buy Nikon DSLR 5100 VR, many source in internet said that those type is suitable for beginner.

after making decision of the type, we start browse online for the best price and the best place which over that product. we find this following place in Surabaya, which sell DSLR camera for any type :

  1. Sinar Bahagia
    Jln. Kramat Gantung 63, Surabaya 60174
    Telepon: (031) 5342513, 5322844. Fax: (031) 5454974
  2. Gudang Kamera
    Jln. Kramat Gantung 67, Surabaya
    CP. Rudy 081 75140880
  3. Sentra Digital 
    Pusat IT Plaza Marina Lt. 2 Blok A-05 Jln. Margorejo Indah 97-99 Surabaya, Telp :031-8432166 Fax :031-8432166 
  4. Toko Digital
    Ambengan Plaza B-23 Jln. Ngemplak No. 30 Surabaya
    Telepon: (031) 5454486. Flexi/SMS: (031) 70990972

following survey from the above store, we found Sinar Bahagia is cheaper than the other (only 50rb-100rb differ). And also the service is very satisfied.Then, we choose to buy the D5100 there.

tips : in every store, the price list is still negotiable, and best  if you ask to the store owner before ..


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