My Princess — KDrama










This is the 3rd Korean Drama i watch after Fullhouse and Secret Garden. the genre is al most the same with two previous kdrama “romance – comedy” and have also square love problem among the actor.

From the title, we can assume that the story is around about monarchy. it’s about restoring royal imperial family of monarchy in South korea, which is lost in time ago.

short stories of this drama :

The main actor Park Hae Young was the grandson of Dae Han Group (corporation). The grandfather is a former servant of last emperor in South Korea Monarchy. The grandfather was manipulate last inheritance of emperor to build Dae Han Group and get rid of emperor son’s -Lee han- which no one knows his existence.

Prince Lee han has died in an accident. Unfortunately, lee han prince has a Daughter. Her name Lee Seol, which sould be princess of monarchy. before the grandfather dies, he have one mission to bring back monarchy of south korea to remove his burden of being use last inheritance of emperor.

There are lot of obstacle of bring back the royal imperial family of monarchy from inside the dae han’s family, citizens and also government. besides that, the princess it self is also came from an orphange which is uneducated as princess as usual.

In a way to restore the royal family, park hae young fall in love with the princess, and so the princess. Since, lee seol now become a princess of south korea moanrchy and park hae young is the grandson of Dae han groups owner , they not found easy to love each other in that circumstance.

According to me, this 16 episode drama have a better plot than secret garden but still less than full house.viewers won’t become bored with the story, seeing that there also comedy inside. if you like to watch this kdrama, better not to download it first, as i can watch all episode in viki smoothly with english subtitle. And also, if you prefer read the synopsis than to watch the drama, you can found it’s full synopsis here..


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