A little Thing called love — Thai Movie


this is the first thai drama i watch, i got recommend from asianmediawiki. this moview was the most voted by viewer in asian mediawiki.

the story is about a girl (Nam)  around 14 years,  fall in love with a boy (Chon)  in her school. unfortunately , nam has no sex appeal or beauty as a girl, and chon is handsome and also famous between the girls in school..

with a lot of help from her friend. nam become more beauty today, and attract another handsome boy  from the school, which is chon best friend. when the graduation time, nam confess her feeling toward chon , butchon is already have another girlfriend.

nam cry a lot, and decide to going abroad to her father in states, and leave the love things behind. some years later, nam come back to thai , now nam is a famous designer artist in country. she got interviewed in local TV show, and asked about her first love. the presenter remain her about a photo album, that chon give to her in last time. after that, chon present in this show, give a surprise to her, and said that he not going to maried yet cause waiting someone who study overseas come back which is mean..Nam ..

ps: you can watch online in viki.com


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