Trespass — Nicholas Cage & Nicole Kidman


sudah hampir sebulan lebih saya jarang nonton film bareng dengan ai, (bukan nonton di bioskop). alasannya klasik ,, sya tidur bersamaan dengan jam tidur atha..

kemarin malam kesempatan itu datang, mungkin karena terlalu lama tidur siang, jadinya malam ndak ngantuk-ngantuk. pas koleksi film ai bagus-bagus, salah satunya yang ditonton saat itu. pas begitu liat yang maen Nicholas Cage, sy langsung suka.. apapun ceritanya mo roman, adventure, thriller.. asal jgn horor.. saya musti suka klo yang maen mas ganteng satu ini.. (skrg sih udah kliatan tuwir).

this is it, the review :

Trespass, the story is about robbery. complicated robbery, why i said it complicated, coz the robber of kyle miller (nicholas cage) house is also rob by moneylenders..

sarah miller (nicole kidman, kyle miller’s wife) is the reason why this robbery happen.a  few weeks after the miller’s family move to this new house, kyle contact the security guard to install security alarm for the house. while kyle travels, a man from security guard (jonah–Cam gigandet) come often to install the security alarm. jonah, always watching sarah alone all the time and suddenly fall in love with her.  jonah try to seduce sarah, but she not intend to betray her marriage, even she often have a fight with his husband.

jonah come with a plan to take sarah with him. jonah watching all activity of kyle miller, and found that kyle is supper rich guy who have stack of money and also priceless diamond. jonah make a scenario to take sarah from kyle, he trap his elder brother elias, which sell marijuana. jonah make elias bankrupt and offer him a help to rob money from kyle house.

when the robbery happen, avery miller (liana liberato)- kyle’s daughter is going to a party. but suddenly come back to her house and caught by the robber (elias, cs).. kyle threathened to open the safe deposit box and give all the money and diamond to elias, after a long negotiation and scream, kyle open the box, and all of them surprise, that the box is empty.. no diamond and money inside. kyle’ said that he already bankrupt right now, he have a lot of loan too..

elias become more upset, and take sarah outside to make kyle surrender and give money to him.but kyle’s have a tactic, he already know about jonah who fall in love with his wife from picture in security camera. he pitting the situation between elias, jonah and ty (guy from moneylenders).. he make this change to runaway, unfortunately elias still can caught them. when elias gonna shoot sarah, jonah shoot elias first. elias ‘s body fell and hit the wall board behind him, the wall board broke and a lot of money drop off from back of the wall board.

jonah who know this are realy happy, and try to collect all of them.kyle see a gasoline drop between the money, he use this situation to light a fire, and fire come to burn the money. jonah hurried save the money, while the fire become bigger. jonah become upset and gonna shoot kyle and take away sarah.sarah protect kyle body and ask jonah not to kill his husband, but jonah don’t believe sarah this time moreover he direct the gun to sarah’s head. kyle with his last energy try to take nails mechine around him, and turn it to jonah’d neck.. jonah collapse.

thats’ the end. i think what i write is not review but close to synopsis. IMO, the story is fresh and not bored, a lot of surprise, and of course the actor and actress are playing very well..

^-^recommend to watch..


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