When Hope doesn’t meet reality


what happen to you when you found your hope, dreams doesn’t come true ?  or when you found it’s realy hard to face reality /fact in front of you ?

feel disappointed or guilty maybe.. because you can not change the time even for 5 seconds before..

actualy i meet this situation last sunday. i already dream about coming in my husband nephew wedding with my new look. i even try new model of jilbab, buy 2 pairs of shoes and buy new shirt for atha. i was dreaming of my family (ai, atha & me) come together in the reception and everyone staring at us feel envy,, (but, it’s too bad for me later )

one week before the reception. i got a work to do . and this work require me to come in sunday.. (that means, in the day of reception). first time i’m knowing this i try to refuse to come in sunday, but my bos said it’s must and guess what happen. i realy come to work in sunday using my regular work shirt with blue jeans. my work done at 6pm while the reception start at 7pm . i have no more time to change my appearence and also ai+atha is already there in the reception.. bad luck for me cause my key house is in ai. because i don’t want dissapointing my husband with my absence, i decide to come in the reception.

i feel frustrated in the way going to the reception, cause it’s wedding reception. of course all the people come with good looking appearence and using beauty dress too. opposite with my appeareance right know, using shirt, blue jeans and casual shoes.. plus my tired face because of work. it’s realy hard in the beginning i enter the reception. everyone stare at me, they must think it strange, who is she ? serious, she come with that casual look in the wedding reception ? and other questions ..

i look ai+atha first before congratulate to the groom and the bride.i’m realy surprise that ai+atha also come in casual fashion too.. shirt and blue jeans.. oh my god, i’m feel relief.. one is true in my dream, about everyone staring at us.. but don’t know what the meaning behind their gaze (feel amaze to us or ridicule to us)

conclusion : it’s hard indeed when reality doesn’t exactly happen like our hope. however after we pass the beginning phase, the rest is as easy as the water flow..


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