Full House Take 2


Fullhouse take 2

bagi penggemar korean drama, pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan judul KDrama FullHouse. yah itu Kdrama yang paling populer dengan alur cerita yang keren dan berkesan yang pernah saya tonton,, belum lagi acting dari pemerannya juga ok dan setting rumah fullhousenya itu yang juga gak kalah keren.. (landscape di sekitarnya pantai yang bikin tambah apik)..

nah ini ada sekuelnya, baru mulai tayang bulan okt 2012 ini, dan baru on air di episode ke-5 dari total 20 episode. tayangnya di korea setiap senin dan kamis jam 12.30 (waktu korea)..  secara umum jalan ceritanya hampir-hampir sama sampai episode yang ke-5 ini. di full house sesi 1, kisahnya lebih ke cinta segi-4, sementara di fullhouse take 2 ini adalah cinta segi-3 (bisa dilihat dari covernya)..

berikut saya copas dari viki.com, review setiap episode-nya sampai ke episode yang ke-5 .. :


As half of the popular K-pop duo Take One with partner Kang Hwi, Tae Ik is slammed in the media for his lack of fashion sense. The two fight over a scarf that their stylist procured for a concert in China, but Tae Ik collapses on stage after suffering an allergic reaction to the fabric. To cover for Tae Ik, Kang Hwi kisses him while pulling the scarf off. Meanwhile, Jang Man Ok grows up in her grandfather’s struggling tae kwon do studio and decides to sell clothes in the studio to make money.


Tae Ik is furious with Kang Hwi for the stage kiss, which fuels questions about Kang Hwi’s sexuality in the media and fractures the duo’s already contentious relationship. Tae Ik blames the stylist for his serious allergic reaction to the synthetic scarf and fires her. Man Ok has a series of run-ins with the K-pop duo when she saves Kang Hwi from raving fans and Tae Ik grabs her scooter to be on time for a studio taping. Then when Tae Ik dislocates his shoulder, Man Ok has to reset it for him.


Tae Ik mistakes Man Ok as a member of Give&, Take One’s fan club, but it’s Man Ok’s part-time marketing assistant who is a huge fan. The assistant, who is the daughter of the dojo’s building owner, gets a hold of an embarrassing photo of Tae Ik and uses it to draw new students to the dojo. Take One’s management company threatens to sue Man Ok. Desperate for money, Man Ok agrees to rent out her dojo for dance lessons only to be raided by police for the operation of an illegal gambling hall.


Man Ok’s troubles multiply when police temporarily shut down her dojo for allowing the illegal operation of a gambling hall. After closing out her savings account to repay the tuition of her students and shutting down her Manokine online boutique, she also is faced with paying a large settlement for unauthorized use of Tae Ik’s photo. Penniless overnight, Man Ok gets an unexpected visit from Kang Hwi, who is a loyal customer of her boutique, and is offered a job as Take One’s stylist.


Kang Hwi and Man Ok conspire to have Man Ok disguise herself as a Muslim woman, fully covered in a chador, in order to hide her real identity from Tae Ik when being introduced as their new stylist. After her first wardrobe decision gets Tae Ik labeled as a fashionista by the media, he agrees to a three-month contract to hire Man Ok. When Tae Ik learns that he has been deceived, he is furious with both his partner and Man Ok and is determined to make Man Ok’s life miserable so that she will quit.

kalau mo lihat on air fullhouse take 2, seperti biasa ada di viki.com

Selamat Menikmati ^-^


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