2014 in my review


I have achieved many great experience this year, from sadness over my failure, depress feelings about workplace until unbelievable trip learning abroad and “blessing prize” at the end of year..

Most important thing i learn this year is about how i must fight to reach my target and dreams, always never give up, stand up quick after failure and the last is never distrust Allah SWT for everything happen in life either good or bad ..

Some quote i try to keep in mind, when i start looking everyone go beyond me : “if someone happiness does not reduce your happiness, then why you should bother with other happiness” and other quote which also interesting :
“if you cannot say good things about others at least never say worse thing about them, if you can not give anything to others, at least never stole anything from others ”

Hopefully, what i got this year make me aim higher,achieve more and learning a lot in future year..

i realize early that i’m gonna face challenging experience with my little family next year,and also some test in manage time to get more beneficial knowledge for others..

Let’s do it, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. 2015 be nice please #ganbaruyo

*if you found any mistakes in my write,please forgive me,i’m in the middle of learning how to write in english


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