Friends, Fate Works Mysteriously


we never know how fate works. someone said is like spinning wheel, sometimes in very worse position, other time could be in the top of pleasure. however, those assumption can also wrong, fate could be works like road in the highway, plain and nothing special

our fate is already given long ago, even while we are not yet in the world. what i’m feel about my destiny is really blessed but also tremendously feel embarrassed to Allah SWT, i got everything , healthy family, parents, work, etc, all of them were great. since i hear some stories of my friends, ones is being sick of her cancer and others friends are not yet getting baby after so long marriage..

that’s why feels grateful for what we get is a must, cause not everybody out there always get what they wants easily. i try to be grateful in times of good and be patient in bad times..

for my friends who still in fight with her cancer and others who also trying to conceive, please never give up , do your best you can do.. inshaallah, your effort will be paid.. cause fate works mysteriously.

i just can ask and pray to Allah SWT to grant your hope, to give best answer for your problems, and patient to wait the consent..

^-^ ganbatte ne..


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