Japan JOurney – Part 1


i ever wrote a posting in my blog in august last year. what i’m wrote it’s a little bit over confidence of mine, cause soon after that i trashed those post in my blog. in those posting i’m definitely said ” This 2014, i’m absolutely must go to Japan” i even furnish my post with japan flag. however, after some times i rethink again about those post, and decide to trashed it. that’s because what i experienced in 2013, when i’m also write about i’m surely going to South Korea this end of year, but then the fact i’m just very closely going to south korea, not yet lucky can go to south korea…

few weeks after i trashed those posting, i got challenge to submit application for following training course in Japan. the time for submit the application and other matters to send those application is kind of a first test for me whether i’ll pass or not. during the process of selection, i’m still not believe that i could get the ticket to Japan. since i’m not quite sure about other supplementary reports in my application..

a week after the dedicated date of announcement. i’m trying to contact the organizer, cause i don’t accept any notice about the result. then ,after two days effort to reach the organizer i got the notice of acceptance in my email. i’m not suddenly feel happy to hear that, cause i will be going alone to Japan, as my first time going abroad.. exactly alone, and being the only one representatives from my country in the training course. i’m back to my sense and challenge my self with some obstacle i made by my own, not very good english communication, a bit fear of long time flight, separated for 5 weeks with family,.. all of those obstacle i create.. i try to wipe those thinking quickly. i replaced with this view, this gonna be a very good opportunity for me in my whole life , this is a challenge to prove that i’m able to overcome my self, i’ll able seeing Allah SWT greateness from different point of view, communication with people from others country, a new culture to understands, etc.

with all the preparation, administration on visa, official passport , pre study report, and still some worries remain. i ‘m depart and arrive safely in Kansai International Airport (KIX) along with the taipun comes to Japan. heavy rainy and dark night. after 3 times of change flight from surabaya (SUB) – jakarta (CGK) – tokyo (NIX) – kansai (KIX) with total approximately 10 hours on air , i’m also arrived with frustrated of being forgotten the combination of my baggage and also could not contact with my family.. rumbling of the wind slap my room window adding turmoil in first day i came to japan.. i slept with exhaustion


.. to be continued to next part..


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