Japan JOurney – Part 2


i’m definitely arrived in Japan, still kind of dreaming. meet  peoples from other country. must be able to speak english, i must adapt quickly.

the training course was held in Kobe, city with sea panoramic view in south and hills view in north, very beautiful landscape. i do not know the fact,  that this city 15 years ago was totally damage by very big earthquake, however as japanese people spirit to survive , they realy try hard to getting used of natural disaster and be able to healing soon after the disaster..

IMG_2351as the scheduled arrange by coordinator, i’m travel to Tokyo in the next week, even for only 3 days in Tokyo, i experienced riding super express train of Japan “Shinkanshen” , could not believe that its service start since 1964, so long ago. always wonder why my country can not build even the normally subway train system up until right now..

the first impression of Tokyo was crowded, just like another big cities, many people live and works here. but still the city are very clean, well arrange, pedestrian and garden everywhere,.. and also have combination between traditional culture like asakusa area and modern area like akihabara or shibuya..

i’m also experience ride subway train with a lot of stairs and walking session to catch up with the exchange train or station, a bit tiring for me who seldom to have excercise. when i see tokyo peoples, i conclude that this is enjoyable for them, walking from one station to another, get to the train and stands a long the way, then going up using stairs to come out from the station.. huffh.. that’s why they look so thin and healthy..

IMG_2397fisrt place i have visited in tokyo is Shibuya , which popular with IMG_2396shibuya intersection and hachiko statue (story about loyalty dog who wait for his owner until he death)..  this place is famous for its’ shopping street, many vendors available, i’m just looking arround here, . about the intersection, if you going with friend or groups, better you hold hand with your friends then you loose them, since the people who cross in the intersection can push you into the wrong direction.. and you can loose your way..

the second day , after day session in some government offices we walk to asakusa , inside there are shrine, shopphing streets, pagoda, etc.. looks like this place is must visited for tourist overseas, i see many foreigner comes to this place, including me 😀 . if you want to buy any “omiyage” souvenir special from japan, you can buy here, but in my opinion, the price is higher than you buy in Nara (another city in Japan). Near asakusa there are tokyo sky tree, this building is formerly higher tower than tokyo tower..

after very short time walking and take photograph arround asakusa, we going to Akihabara by subway train. Akihabara is famous with its electronic and comic (manga) shopping stores. you will be confused with a lot of store sell electronics items such as camera, laptop, etc..

DSCF0101 (1280x960)third day was my last day in tokyo. we spent the afternoon in tokyo tower until night. the ticket to enter and go up to the 250 meter level is about 1600 yen for adult, very magnificient view of Tokyo from this level. this three day trip to Tokyo was awesome, thanks to our coodinator Ms. Takeuchi and Mr. Mori for their help to getting arround Tokyo, even there are still some places i can not going to..

i’m back again to Kobe the next day, to be continued to next part ….


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