entering the 3rd semester of pregnancy


Credit to huffpost.com image

i ever got pregnant once, but this second was truly different since the beginning. right now, i am entering the last semester of pregnancy which means the due date will be coming soon ,

my mood situation and my appetite back to the 1st semester, my mood is like riding a roller coaster and my appetite is worst than ever, yet i’m still eating but never feel so bored with any kind of food and cuisine..

bed time at night is the toughest time.. when i can’t positioning my belly in convenience position, just after the position is good, both of my eyes are not compromise to close.. plus, a wake up call alarm from urinoir twice at midnight and early morning at 2 pm, make me failed to close eyes again till the remaining

looks like, its all about complaining.. although my heart is beating fast cause can not wait to see my little baby.

Huge thanks Allah for everything, all this not good condition in this late semester was nothing than seeing my little baby delivered normally , healthy both physic, soul and mentally..

#trytoenjoying  #3rdsemester of #pregnancy

.. Happiness is on the way..  ^-^


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